Situation: It’s time to have your septic tank pumped….but, you don’t know where it is! To have a service company to come out to find the tank and uncover it can cost over $80/hour. Then there will the cost of having the tank pumped (currently over $300). Ouch!!

uncovered_septic_tank_lid-300x225With a SaniMarker product:

  • Your tank, septic pit, dry well or distribution box is easily located
  • Serves as a reminder to have your tank serviced
  • Your property will be easier to sell should you decide to put it on the market


Quality markers made in the United States

Our markers are hand-crafted in Vermont of fortified, reinforced concrete and cured for at least four weeks so theyblur_edges feathered corners will last a lifetime (including a New England winter, which can seem just as long!

With a height of only half an inch, they can be positioned with very little digging and are barely noticeable from aLg Rec-Septic Tank feathered distance. Yet, in spite of being only a half-inch thick, they are remarkably strong and can handle normal yard traffic (lawn mowers, foot traffic, etc. ) with ease. We haven’t forgotten safety either. Because yards often have children playing in them, we made our markers with rounded edges and corners. 

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